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40% Flusilazole EC
10% Flusilazole EW
12.5% Diniconazole WP
Alias Impact, PP-450
Chemical Name (RS)-2,4'-difiuoro-a-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-l-ylmethyl)benzhyrylalcohol
Structural formula Flutriafol
Molecular formula


Molecular weight 301.3
CAS NO. 76674-21-0
Properties he pure article is colorless crystal;Vapour pressure is 400 mpa@20℃; Melting point is 130℃;Solubility: At 20℃,solubility in water 130mg/L(PH7),in acetone 190g/L,in dichloromethane 150g/L, in Hexane 300mg/L,in methanol 69g/L,in dimethylbenzene 12giL;Relative Density is 1.41.
Use Fungicide.
Specification ●95%TECH ●12.5%SC ●25%SC
Package ●95%TECH: Packed in 25kg net fibre drum ●12..5%SC/25%SC:Packed in 200L net iron drum lined with plastic, or as per customer's request.
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