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40% Flusilazole EC
10% Flusilazole EW
12.5% Diniconazole WP
Alias Mospilan,NI-25
Chemical Name (E)-N1-[(6-chloro-3-pyridyl)methyl]-N2-cyano-N1-methylacetamidine
Structural formula Acetamiprid
Molecular formula


Molecular weight 222.68
CAS NO. 160430-64-8
Properties The article is white crystal. Melt point 98.9℃. Specific gravity 1.33(20℃);Vapour pressure 0.00044mPa(25℃);LogP(25℃)=0.8; Solubility in water(25℃)4.2g/L;Solubility in acetone, methanol, ethanol, dichloromethane, chloroform, Acetonitrile, Tetrahydrofuran, ect. Stable in water PH=7, and stable in water PH=9,Stable in sunlight.
Use Insecticide.
Specification ●95% TECH ●20%SL ●70%WP
Package ●95%TECH/70%WP: Packed in 25kg compound bag. ●20%SL: Packed in 200L net iron drum lined with plastic, or as per customer's request.
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