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40% Flusilazole EC
10% Flusilazole EW
12.5% Diniconazole WP
Alias Bayer 25648,Bayluscide, Bayer 73,Clonitralid,SR 73
Chemical Name 2’,5-dichloro-4'-nitrosalicylanilide
Structural formula Niclosamide
Molecular formula


Molecular weight 327.1
CAS NO. 50-65-7
Properties The article is colorless solid; Melt point 230℃;Vapour pressure<1mPa(20℃); At 20℃, solubility in water 1.6mg/L(pH6.4),110mg/L(pH9.1);Kow=10(PH9.6).
Use Insecticide.
Specification ●98%TECH ●70%WP ●83.1%Ethanolamine Salt WP
Package Packed in 25kg net fibre drum, or 25kg compound bag, or as per customer's request.
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